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Welcome to the Beargrease Education Team, the B.E. Team!

Using the Beargrease Sled Dog Race as a teaching tool is highly motivating for students. Dogs and kids are a perfect match! The Beargrease can be used to learn about Minnesota geography, local history, language arts, social skills, the use of technology, and so much more.

It is my vision to collect lessons, projects, activities, and information which will help educators more easily use the Beargrease as a teaching tool. This will allow even more students to connect this local event with curriculum… which makes learning fun!

With your help we can “team up” to help connect the Beargrease with curriculum.

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Read about the Board of Directors commitment to the #11Jacob movement HERE.

  1. Be fair
  2. Be kind
  3. Be understanding
  4. Be honest
  5. Be thankful
  6. Be a good sport
  7. Be a good friend
  8. Be a joyful
  9. Be generous
  10. Be gentle with others
  11. Be positive



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