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Dogs have been a source of joy and strength for years! These are some of our favorite dog sledding books. Dogteam by Gary Paulsen is a perfect story to introduce to the joy of dogsledding to children. Fearless John by Kelly Rauzi tells the story of John Beargrease and the role dogs played in connecting rural communities. Follow up this story with Cook County’s outstanding slide show found on the Beargrease website under Education Resources. Finally, read some of these other stories to your students to learn more about how dogs have individual strengths and abilities. Remember to come to the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon start in Duluth, MN in January to experience the excitement first hand!

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by Gary Paulson
This book captures the joy, the beauty, and the grandeur of the outdoors through this prose poem with expressive illustrations. Dogteam is a celebration of nature, a dance that invites everyone to join in.
fearless john
Fearless John
by Kelly Rauzi
This is the story of John Beargrease, the remarkable Chippewa mail carrier who traveled the North Shore of Lake Superior with his dogsled teams in the early part of the last century. The stunning pastel illustrations are by Mila Horak.
the great serum race
The Great Serum Race
by Debbie S. Miller
This tells the story dogs played in deadly outbreak of diphtheria in Alaska in 1925. Twenty teams braved subzero temperatures and blizzard conditions to run over 600 miles in six days in a desperate relay race that saved the people of Nome. Several of the dogs, including Togo and Balto, became national heroes. Jon Van Zyle’s oil paintings capture the brutal conditions, pristine wilderness, and sheer guts and determination demonstrated by the heroic mushers and dogs.
There are several versions of the story of Balto.
Beginning with one of the worst storms ever, Balto is the lead dog of his team and is carrying medicine to sick children miles away in Nome, Alaska. Can Balto find his way through the terrible storm? Find out in this exciting true story!
by Robert Blake
This is the story of Togo a less famous sled dog than Balto, Togo wasn't meant to be a sled dog becomes one of the fastest sled dogs in history! His skills are put to the ultimate test making the now-famous run across the frozen Arctic to deliver the serum that will save Alaska from diphtheria.
big enough annaBig Enough Anna
by Pam Flowers
A true story of how the runt of the litter became the leader of the pack. Flowers was preparing for a six-month, 2500-mile dogsled journey from Barrow, AK, to Repulse Bay, Canada, which would make her the first woman to cross the North American Arctic alone.
by Pam Flowers
This is the story of lead dog, Douggie on an exciting adventure traveling across the frozen sea of the far Canadian north for 18 days, surviving many challenges and returning home safely. Douggie went on to become a top lead dog and lead a subsequent trip of 2,500 miles.
by Robert Blake
Johnnie has longed to go off hunting with Pa and their dog, Swift. But Johnnie’s first hunt comes to an abrupt end when a grizzly bear attacks Pa, leaving him wounded and unable to walk. Johnnie’s father urges him to listen to the Swift as the boy starts out into the treacherous forest on a daring rescue mission to save his father. Swift is a story of trust and courage, a perfect companion to Togo and Akiak.
painter and ugly
Painter and Ugly
by Robert Blake
These dog are best friends. They are inseparable until they are forced apart and put on two different teams for the junior Iditarod. But nothing can keep them apart. This is a story of racing and friendship.
by Robert Blake
Akiak hurt her paw and can no longer compete in the Iditarod. Her musher has no choice but to leave her behind. The rules say once a dog is dropped from the race, it may not rejoin the team. But ten-year-old lead dog Akiak doesn’t know the rules. Nothing will stop her from catching up to her team.

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