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Send entries to:

Please contact Jessica Phoenix, Beargrease Director and photo contest coordinator at with any questions. You can also call the Beargrease office (218) 722-7631 with questions. Email is the preferred method as there isn’t always someone available at the office. You may need to leave a message.


  • Adult: 18 years and up
  • Teen: 13-17 years
  • Kids: 12 and under

Winners Receive:

1. Recognition as the winner (along with your photo) on the internet including the Beargrease website and social media outlets.

2. A certificate signed by the photo contest coordinator as well as the Beargrease Board of Directors President.

3. Photos may be used for Beargrease promotional materials. Including but not limited to poster, brochures, race program, website or any other advertising possibilities. By entering the photo contest you give the Beargrease permission to use your photo in advertising and promotional materials. Photographers will always be given photo credits.

4. An invitation to enter your photos in the official Beargrease photo exhibit. Historically the exhibit has been held at The Great Lakes Aquarium but exhibit organizers reserve the right to change the location at any time.

(Other prizes may be announced at another time as the photo contest deadline approaches.)


1. Each entrant is allowed two entries. One entry must contain some type of promotional material, i.e. bib, banner or other Beargrease advertisement. If you only make one entry it must contain this material. (This rule does not apply to the Kids 12 and under category)

2. All photo entries must contain at least one dog, musher, sled or other aspect of dog mushing.

3. All photo entries must be taken during the current or a previous running of the John Beargrease Sled Dog Races. This may include marathon, mid-distance, jr./rec race, cub run or any other aspect of the race including ceremonies, banquets, etc. They must never have placed in a previous Beargrease Photo Contest.

4. All entries must be made to before midnight on March 31, the year of the current race. Entries must be in low resolution but available in high resolution to place in the contest. With your entry you must include your name, age category, mailing address, phone number and email address. You may also include a title for the photo, where it was taken, who is in the photo and which race it was taken during.

5. Voting details will be posted at a later date, as the deadline gets closer. First, second and third place will be chosen for each category. Results will be announced by May 1st the year of the race. A board of directors honorable mention may also be made in each category.

Congratulations, 2016 winners!

Emily Lynch - 1st Place

1 - 13el012016

Jodi Nelson - 2nd Place

20 - 18jn022016

Kyle Krosting - 3rd Place

11 - 18kk012016



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